• Allie

    ALLIE  has a special place in our hearts, she was the first grey female cria born in 2021.

    Each year we name our first grey female cria after the main character of Carolyn j Morris's (Railfence Bunch Kids) latest children's book. In 2021 the book was “Allie's Alpacas” .

    Allie is still timid but has started showing a bit more interest with our visitors during tours.

    DOB July 30, 2021

  • KBAR's Citana


    CITANA ,   What is special about her? Well she is the first cria at our ranch who has successfully been able to nurse from her own mom and another mom.  Our moms don't allow other crias to nurse from them, but she somehow convinced Sarasota to let her nurse at the same time as her own cria. 
    That would also explain why she was one of the biggest cria's that year.

    Citana means "Star in the Sky" .

    DOB July 31, 2021

  • DQ'S Butterscotch Ripple

    DQ'S BUTTERSCOTCH RIPPLE, her colouring looks just like Butterscotch Ripple, and being a DQ daughter we knew we had to go with that name.

    Butterscotch has beautiful, fine, soft fibre. She is starting to be a bit more adventurous and willing to explore now that she is in the same pen as her big sister DQ'S Special . She often will come out for treats and then lay down to be pet.

    DOB August 8, 2021

  • DQ'S Special

    DQ'S SPECIAL  guess who her mom is?   We have named many of DQ's crias after Dairy Queen items and this girl is just wow, so special.

    Special is an absolutely stunning silver grey female, with great fibre and one of the first alpacas to greet our visitors. She loves having the big hay bale all to herself.

    DOB July 29, 2020

  • Harmony

    HARMONY, is another gorgeous grey that we are very proud of. Her mom, Serenity is one of our top breeding females. Harmony had her first cria this year, a beautiful bay black male named Harold.

    She was bred by Valiant's Last Stand who is also grey, so we really hoped to get a silver grey cria from that pair. Maybe next year.

    DOB July 22, 2019

  • Iryna

    IRYNA, received her name through a FB post looking for suggestions, it was during the war against Ukraine. Iryna means Peace in Ukrainian, we felt that was the perfect name for her. It is pronounced EE ry na.

    Her photo is a bit misleading, under those brown tips her fibre is soft, fine and silver grey, just what we hoped for when we bred her silver grey mom Princess Emily to Kameron The Grey.

    Iryna was a real momma's girl, rarely letting her mom out of her sight. Once she was weaned she started taking a bit more interest in our tours, but still hides behind the bigger girls sometimes.

    DOB August 1, 2021

  • Kesalul

    KESALUL, this beautiful girl was a real momma's girl who didn't wander too far away from mom when there were visitors in the barn. She is now in a pen with 6 other yearlings and 8 other "mom's" so she feels safe. Her personality changed very quickly once she was weaned from her mom, now she is one of the first to come out for tours and will often lay down so the little kids can pet her.

    She has wonderfully soft true black fibre which she gets from her dad, Prince, her mom Meringue is pure white.

    Kesalul means "I love you" in Mi'kmaq

    DOB August 1, 2021

  • Kit Kat

    KIT KAT,  was born in 2015. We had 13 crias that year and they were all named after candies or sweets.

    She is bit smaller than many of our females but she is one of the leaders of the herd. If she goes outside most of the girls follow her, if she goes inside again most if not all follow her.

    Kit Kat was our first grey alpaca to have blue eyes, she passed that trait on to her first cria, Princess Emily.

    DOB June 17, 2015

  • Kopy Kat

    KOPY KAT,  is shy with people but will often take a hand fed treat, and never one to cause a squabble with the other alpacas.

    Her colouring was so much like her mom – Kit Kat that we had to call her Kopy Kat. With her beautiful steel grey fibre she will be part of our breeding program.

    DOB July 18, 2020

  • Meringue

    MERINGUE, is one who just sort of blends into the herd, she doesn't do anything to bring attention to herself.

    Meringue is a lovely white and has been bred to Prince who is silver grey, three times and each cria was a female but colouring is completely different. Their first cria is our stunning Pretty River, a dark silver grey. Next they produced a medium brown female, Molly Brown, their latest cria Kesalul is bay black.

    DOB June 28, 2015

  • O'dah ziibing

    O'DAH ZIIBING, is another one of our crias that was given her name by a friend of KBAR. Her name is Ojibwe and it means "Heart of the river", very suitable for the daughter of Pretty River.

    She is a little more independent since she was weaned from her mom, Pretty River. She will take off outside and play with the other yearlings but in the barn she is usually snuggled up close to one of the adults.

    Her fibre is very dark brown, with lighter brown on the tips.

    DOB August 12, 2021

  • Paisley

    PAISLEY  has had her own fan club ever since she was named.
    The summer she was born we posted on FB that we had a female cria that needed a name. One of the suggestions was Paisley, from a lovely lady named Paisley, that got Carolyn thinking about the children's author Carolyn j Morris who had just started the “Railfence Bunch Kids” books, about girls in agriculture. Carolyn contacted Carolyn j and asked about naming this cria Paisley to tie in with her first book “Paisley's Pumpkin”.  Carolyn j thought it was a great idea.

    Paisley loves the extra attention she gets from visitors.

    DOB July 14, 2020

  • Princess Sara

    PRINCESS SARA,  was the last cria of the season, we had run out of name ideas so we took the easy way out and combined parts of her parents name.
    Prince and mom is Sarasota (one of our top breeding females) and just like that she became Princess Sara.

    The young Princess has had a eventful life, she broke her leg when she was 6 months old, just at the time to be weaned from her mom but due to the stress of a broken leg we let her stay with mom an extra two months. We will tell you more about her leg and healing in her biography.

    Princess Sara also gets out and about. She went to the Owen Sound Library for story time when she was 1 year old. Our granddaughter went with us and they both made the front page of the Owen Sound newspaper.

    Princess Sara's first cria is the darling silver grey female, Allie.

    DOB August 1, 2018

  • Takoda

    TAKODA, some years it is hard to find the perfect name for a cria. This year we asked friends of KBAR to send in suggestions and hopefully something would click. The chosen suggestion was Takoda, which means “friend to everyone” in Sioux.  Takoda's mom, Michaa is one of our more standoffish alpacas so we are hoping Takoda will grow into the meaning of her name.

    Just like her mom she is jet black and a bit on the large size but as she is still growing that may change.

    DOB July 25, 2021

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  • Tiny Treasure

    TINY TREASURE, is exactly what her name says. When she was born she was the smallest ever born here at just 13lbs. She was also Almond's last cria and we figured it would probably be her last, so she was Tiny and she was the last Treasure from Almond.

    Tiny is very special as she is our granddaughter's “pet” favourite alpaca.

    Tiny loves coming out for visitors and often hums impatiently if she has to wait a few minutes for her treats.

    DOB July 7, 2018

  • Yazhi

    YAZHI, is definitely a favourite, she probably could have her own Facebook page. Yazhi is unique in several ways, she is our calmest alpaca and she loves the attention of people, what she doesn't like is being an alpaca mom. That's right she has very little maternal instinct, so little that we quit breeding her.

    Although what Yazhi lacks in maternal instincts she makes up for with humans in kindness. We don't bring Yazhi out for every tour we usually let her tell us when she is needed. When does she feel she is needed? She loves toddlers, seniors or sometimes someone who appears fragile to her. She is extremely calm and laid back, nothing seems to bother her except crias sniffing around her. She will cush and let the toddlers pet and hug without batting an eye.

    Yazhi has been to visit nursing homes, Story Time at local libraries, Vacation Bible School and she was always a favourite at the farmers markets. Yazhi is often stubborn about leaving after a visit or tour as she loves the attention.

    Yazhi means little one in Navajo, she was the smallest cria in 2011, she weighed just over 15 pounds which is in the average range but that year most of the crias were much bigger.

    DOB August 8, 2011

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