About Us

We love sharing our alpacas and our alpaca experiences through both our Farm Tours and our Adopt an Alpaca programs.

Doug and Carolyn have been raising alpacas since 2007. We bought our first two male alpacas as “pets” then learned they are not pets, they are livestock that need to be in a herd. So we bought 4 more male alpacas to keep them company. We were enjoying our alpacas so much we sold our other business to become full time alpaca breeders.

We soon realized how special these animals are, they are calming, comical , they make you feel warm and fuzzy and happy just by watching them. Each one has it's own personality and quirks. We enjoyed watching peoples reactions to the alpacas at the farmers markets and sharing a little bit about them. Soon we started doing casual farm tours when we had time, until we had so many requests to visit our alpacas we now do tours year round. Now everyone has a chance to meet alpacas up close and personal to see how wonderful and unique they really are and learn a little bit about them.

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