Welcome to Kickin' Back Alpaca Ranch's Alpaca Adoption Site

Do You Love Alpacas?

Have you always wanted your own alpaca but don't live on a farm?
Do you love the cuteness of these fuzzy creatures, but not the work involved in raising alpacas?
Do you want the perfect One of a Kind Gift for the person who is so hard to buy for?
A gift that is so unique but is suitable for anyone and everyone, young or old?

ADOPT AN ALPACA is the perfect answer for you – you can adopt one of our alpacas for 1 year. The alpaca stays here with all of its alpaca friends so it feels safe and gets all the proper care it needs. You can come visit your alpaca though.

Adopting an alpaca not only brings you or a friend great happiness, it helps pay for the daily hands on care and feeding of the alpacas. You get to love an alpaca and know that it is being very well cared for without you having to do the dirty work.

In just a few simple steps you can Adopt an Alpaca. What you need to know:
1) choose from the Adoptee List which alpaca you want to adopt
2) we offer 3 different packages choose which package you want
3) complete the registration form
4) complete your purchase through the on-line store
5) wait to receive your adoption package, then begin enjoying your benefits

Adoption Packages