Do I own the alpaca after I adopt it?

This is a honorary adoption, the alpaca remains the property of
Kickin' Back Alpaca Ranch.

Do I get to bring the alpaca home?

The alpaca will stay at Kickin' Back Alpaca Ranch. This ensures that it will have lots of herdmates to keep it company and receives the appropriate care.

Do I have to come and care for the alpaca every day?

No, all care of the alpaca will continue to be done by Kickin'
Back Alpaca Ranch. From time to time you may be given the option of coming to help with the care of the alpaca if you have the Junior Rancher or Master Rancher package.

Do I have to pay extra for the care of the alpaca?

No, your adoption fee goes toward the care of your alpaca.

Do I get to come and visit the alpaca when ever I want?

Depending on the adoption package you choose you are entitled to
a complimentary visit.

You will receive a discount code to use for your
complimentary visit and a second code for a discount if you would
like to visit more often. All visits must be booked in advance
through our booking system at www.alpacatours.ca.

What happens at the end of the adoption period?

You may re-adopt the same alpaca or a different one under the same
package or a different package, but you are under no obligation to do

We will email you about a month before your current adoption ends
so you have time to decide what you want to do.

Can I bring my dog to visit the alpacas?

For the comfort of our alpacas we ask that you please do not bring
dogs to the ranch.

What should I wear?

We recommend that you wear close toed shoes for your safety while interacting with the alpacas.

Most of the tour takes place in the girls barn, so we are out of the wind, sun, snow or rain but the temperature in the barn will be about the same as outside, please dress accordingly.

How old do I have to be to work directly with the alpacas?

All ages are fine just interacting with alpacas to feed them a treat or to pet them.

For special activities such as halter training or herd health you must be at least 12 years old.

Still have questions?

Please call or email us, we'd be happy to answer them for you.

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